27 April 2005


My partner and I have a date with Elvis's kid tonight. Lisa Marie Presley concert tonight at the House of Blues. Her new CD is really nintendocore...well...that's not the word for it, but it's damn good. Her single, Don Henley's 80's song "Dirty Laundry" was written just for her. Think about it, you're born into being a rock and roll trivia answer, you're rebellious, you get married a lot...you will have some dirty laundry to sing about. I know the whole marrying MJ think is a lot to get passed, but if I were responsible for my past relationships, I'd have dirty laundry too.

Anyway, her music rocks. She's the same age as me. It's good that she finally got a job in her late 30's. I thinks she gets a bad rep for what all the media says about her. Music always speaks for itself.

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