29 April 2005

Lisa Marie Live

I thought I would share some thoughts on the Lisa Marie Presley concert last Wednesday. We haven't been to a concert in over a year, since seeing the Barenaked Ladies last March. That's really a shame, because I love live music.

Before you click away from this blog, wondering who would listen to Michael Jackson's ex-wife. I still can't erase the trauma from seeing them kiss on M-TV all those years ago. Blehh... But her music is actually really cool. Kind of like a Melissa Etheridge, Cher in the 60's sorta rockin' sound. Speaking of Melissa Etheridge, here's a question to my lesbian friends, why didn't you tell me LMP was a big lesbian draw? I had no idea; the crowd looked like they were there for an Indigo Girls show.

The House of Blues is the most awesome place to see a concert - especially when it's not sold out. You can really see the artist and if there are annoying people talking, you can just stand in another spot. But, the House of Blues in Orlando is on Walt Disney World property. Apparently, Mickey doesn't allow people to say "fuck" on his land. The opening act changed some lyrics from "fuck" to "friggin'". It's kind of like buying an edited CD at Wal-Mart. Lisa Marie got around this rule pretty smooth. In the song S.O.B., when it the line "just like to bite on my fucking fingers..." came, she sang up to the "fuck" and held the microphone out for the crowd to sing it. Got one over on Mickey, I'd said "fuck" in his Kingdom.

Another thing about the venue, not only is it at WDW, but it's also in Orlando. Concert goers in Orlando typically watch a show with the enthusiasm of K-Mart shoppers standing in line waiting to check out. I never get that. You are at a concert because you apparently like an artist, you've paid for expensive tickets (including that $7.50 per ticket "rape me" TicketMaster fee) and you stand there...just stand there. Live a little.

Aside from all the annoying thing, it was a great show. She sounded technically great. Good vocals. Good band. She even talked about songs that were difficult to sing live. It seemed they were having some sound problems. At one point, she told the sound guy to "turn my shit down." She sounded great and had fun with the audience. Plus she is so damn cute. I like that she's 38 like me.

Her new CD was at #9 on Billboard, which is surprising. There were probably only about 2000 people at the show. Go on Yahoo Music and check out her video for Dirty Laundy.

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